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Read what our West Coast Road Runners Team is doing to keep our members & coaches safe

What we are doing to keep members of our running club safe!

Monitor Symptoms

  • If you are feeling ill or have signs of a fever of 100.4 or higher, a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or any symptoms of COVID-19, we request that you stay home.  Wait for a miniumum of 3 days after the fever is gone before participating in any WCRR activities. If symptoms persist, we advise you to self-isolate for a period of 10-14 days or until a medical professional has cleared you to participate in group runs.

Notify Us

  • Please notify Coach Dan Guillory ( if you have symptoms or know that you have been exposed to COVID-19, so we can monitor contact tracing.

Wear Masks

  • Per State and County Health Orders, we require all participants to wear facial coverings during WCRR activities.  Keep your facial covering in place during all dynamic stretching, cool-downs, and our announcements. You may remove your face covering while on your run. However, when you return to our starting location, you must again cover your nose and mouth with your mask.  Individuals not wearing a mask will be asked to not participate WCRR group runs.

6 Foot Distance

  • Maintain a minimum six-foot distance from your fellow runners the entire time you are at our WCRR runs (including announcements, dynamic stretching, cold downs, and during the runs).

Small Groups

  • To promote social distancing for each group run, participants will be placed into Pace Group ‘pods’ of no more than 10-12 people.  No one will be allowed to intermix from pod to pod, including coaches. Pods will depart for the run/walk in intervals for additional distancing.

Limit Contact

  • Do not shake hands, share objects like Gels / nutrition items, sticks / foam rollers, or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.

Bring Water

  • Refrain from using public drinking fountains when possible.  Instead, we strongly encourage individuals to carry personal hydration systems during our runs.

No Maps

  • WCRR has suspended use of printed maps, aid stations, and our holding of your jackets or other personal belongings.

Hand Sanitizer

  • We recommend carrying a small hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes during the run as public restrooms or other surfaces you may touch on our routes may not be adequately sanitized.

Use Elbow

  • Use your elbow when pressing the buttons for pedestrian crossings.

Social Gatherings

  • ​WCRR member social gatherings (including breakfast or coffee after a run) will comply with current County Health Orders. Locations with outside seating are suggested. Refrain from sharing dishes or drinks, and do not pass items such as condiments or utensils while gathering with WCRR teammates.


Public is Watching

  • Please be aware that WCRR can and will be judged by how we appear to the public!

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