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  • If it is past the registration date, can I still join WCRR?"
    We usually close registration each season about 1-2 months into the program. We do this because it can become too difficult to catch up to the group is if you begin the program too far behind in mileage. BUT, If your mileage is up to ours, we’ll take you in!
  • I’m not a member. Do you allow drop-ins?
    WCRR does not have a drop-in program. We need signed waivers for everyone who runs or walks with us (liability reasons). If you do bring a guest we would like for you to sign a waiver before participating in the run/walk. You can receive this from the organizer of the program. For your membership you will receive our seminars, medical advice from our invited professional speakers, coaching, and training runs/walks.
  • What is West Coast Road Runners?
    West Coast Road Runners is a San Diego-based running club that has been training runners for marathons & half marathons since the early 2000s. WCRR Owner, Coach Dan Guillory has been coaching marathoners for 20+ years. He also had experience as a Western Regional Organizer and Head Coach for another national marathon training program. WCRR training program has national sponsors and is one of the fastest growing marathon training programs in the region. Registration for our program is ongoing and we will train you for ANY full or half marathon.
  • Who can join?
    West Coast Road Runners is great for anyone who wants to get in shape, have a good time, increase muscle tone, get healthier and feel better. We not only concentrate on the running/walking portion, but also what’s going on inside your body. We offer all components from from the beginner to the veteran marathoner.
  • When does WCRR run its programs?
    We have two WCRR training seasons. One begining in July to train you for races from October through January (like the Carlsbad Marathon). Our second season begins in January to train you for races in March through June (like SD Rock N Roll marathon). We hold Opening Days and Orientations in January and July and provide training schedules any race that you would like to complete.
  • Where is the training held?
    Spring Training (beginning in January) meets at 3 San Diego locations until we reach ~10 miles in training (for full marathon training), then locations change week to week from the coast, to many parks, Mission Bay and other areas of San Diego. Fall Training (beginning in July) meets in three areas 1) Mission Bay, 2) Rancho Bernardo/Escondido, and 3) Carlsbad/Encinitas. *In the Fall season training we also have an All Groups Meet once a month to combine everyone and train at various locations for more FUN and less boredom!
  • Can walkers participate?
    Walkers are not only allowed, but also welcomed! We have a wonderful walking program that will enable you to complete full or half marathons. Please be aware, however, that the some races require all participants to complete the course within seven hours (which requires a 16 min. per mile or better pace). Many WCRR walkers may choose to train for a half marathon instead, or choose a different, more walker-friendly marathon. We even offer a ‘Run/Walk’ program that allows you to run and walk the distances. Your coaches can provide more details.
  • Is there a charity attached to the program?
    WCRR does not ask our members to raise money to participate in our program, but you can if you like.
  • Where did WCRR begin?
    It all began in January 2004 in San Diego with 240 members in the first program. We decided we wanted to open our own training program and offer San Diego the greatest possibilty to GET IN TOP TRAINING SHAPE. We left our former group and developed West Coast Road Runners. Our passion for the sport gives us the desire to help others achieve their potential as an athlete. We now train closer to 1000 athletes a year.
  • How are the groups divided?
    West Coast Road Runners consists of 6 pace groups, each named after our favorite marathons: Chicago group (sub 8 min. runners), New York group (8-9 min. runners), Marine Corps group (9-10 min. runners), Catalina group (10-13 min. runners), Vegas Pace Group (within the Catalina pace group) trains in a ‘Run/Walk’ method. LA (13+ min. runners, walk/run and walkers) We will place you in the group that best suits your training pace, which allows you to train with those who are at your ability level.
  • How will you determine my group if I am not sure?
    Our first two weekend run/walks are 1 or 3 mile pace finder walks or runs. Your time for the 1 or 3 miles will place you in a group. You should walk or run at a pace where you feel you could keep going for a little bit beyond those 1 or 3 miles. If you couldn’t keep walking or running after completing our initial 1 or 3 mile pace finder then you are going too fast.
  • What pace should I run, run/walk or walk in my training?"
    You should do this event at a comfortable pace. Do not go as hard as you can or you will end up in the wrong group. Walking or running too fast will also seriously compromise your training season. If you are able to find your correct training pace from the beginning you will complete the marathon in less time, you will experience fewer injuries, and you will have a lot more fun.
  • What are the weekly educational seminars?
    The seminars are on a variety of running-related topics and start at ~9:00 am every Saturday after our group run/walk. Thus, our goal is to have all pace groups finished running before 9:00 am Saturday.
  • Who created our schedule?
    Coach Dan Guillory developed the WCRR training schedules. He has been coaching runners and walkers for 20+ years and has extensive coaching and health and fitness background. There are a lot of different theories to marathon training and the WCRR training phylosophy is proven and it works.
  • Do we receive any discounts for being a part of the program?
    Check our Sponsors Page on this site for a list of discounts you can get! We give away prizes throughout the season to our members provided by our sponsors and friends. If we get free product, you get free product. We gladly pass along any product we believe in to our members.
  • Can I train Online for the Full or Half Marathon?
    Yes, you can! If you are traveling too many days, can’t get away on Saturday mornings to train with the group or have other reasons why you cannot make the Saturday group training runs; this is the alternative for you. You’ll get 22 or 28 weeks of Online Personal Coaching to take you through day by day training. You’ll have complete email access to your coach throughout this term and be as ready as anyone for your race. For more info, Contact Us.
  • Where can I sign up?
    Register now online for WCRR's Half and Full Marathon training. You may also register in person at our 2 Opening Day sessions, or download a registration form and bring it to any of our training locations.
  • How much does it cost?
    WCRR pricing is listed on our Register Now webpage. Return members are offered a discounted rate. You can purchase an annual training membership or membership for a single season.
  • What is included for the sign-up fee?
    Ability-based group workouts and coaching Weekly Educational seminars Weekly training schedules WCRR Technical training shirt Discounts from our Sponsors Nutrition information Social activities and more! Many Periodic raffles Discounts on Race Entries Electrolytes and Nutrition at aid stations for long runs
  • Where are the in-person sign-up sessions?
    Our sign-up sessions for the San Diego Training Programs will be held at our training location sites weekly. Please contact us for directions through our Contact Page. You can register now online!
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept credit card and debit card payments online and during Opening Day Registration. Cash, check, Zelle, and Venmo are also accepted during Opening Day registration as well as when you register in person at any of our Saturday group runs.
  • Do I have to attend both orientation sessions?
    We would encourage you to attend both orientation sessions (Weeks 1 and 2). First of all, you’re paying for a full program. If you come the second week you have already missed one session. Second, we will cover all the details of how the program works the first week and put you into your groups. Lastly, the content of the first two seminars is different. *Those coming the 2nd week that already attended the 1st week will go for a run or walk with their coaches this week.
  • I can’t make it to the first weekend — should I still sign up?
    Yes, you should join WCRR even if you cannot make it to Week 1. You can register at the 2nd weekend of Opening Day/Registration or register at anytime online or at one of or subsequent meeting locations. We'll make sure all of your questions are answered no matter when you join.
  • Does entry into WCRR include entry into a race?
    No, but your paid WCRR Membership does cover the cost of your participation in our 5-6 month race training program. During the season, discounts for race entries may become available wot WCRR Members.
  • How much training does this program involve?
    We understand most of our members lead very busy lives. Therefore, this program was designed to maximize your time without minimizing the results. The program typically calls for running or walking 4-5 days a week. Your longest run or walk will usually take place on Saturday with your group, and then during the week, you run or walk for time only (e.g., 30 minutes).
  • Do we run/walk in miles or minutes?
    Our program uses minutes during the week and miles on the weekends. Therefore, if the schedule says “30” on a Tuesday, you should run or walk 30 minutes. Do this at a comfortable pace unless instructed to do otherwise. On the weekends, we show you miles that we'll be training on the schedule. View an explanation of the schedules here.
  • What happens if I have to miss a weekend training run/walk?
    Most members have to miss from time to time. That’s okay. Just remain as consistent as you can and do the long runs. Weekend seminars are important, but you can always ask your coach or running buddies about what you missed. As the runs/walks become longer you will find it to be a whole lot easier when you’re doing them with the group! And in our experience, the success of our members is directly proportional to their ability to attend our weekend training runs/walks and seminars. When you do have to miss a week, check our website for the next week’s schedule.
  • Can we participate in races during training?
    Sure! In fact, the entire group typically participates in a couple of races each season. You certainly don’t have to be competitive about it, but it’s fun to run or walk in a different place, get a race number, and cross the finish line.
  • What happens if I have to travel?
    The most important thing is to try to follow the long run schedule as closely as possible. You can run the long mileage on your own whereever you are traveling to. If you get too far behind with your training, you will have a difficult time catching up. Talk to your coach and figure out a plan of action if you know that you'll be missing training. Be careful going skiing or doing some other type of activity that could cause injuries right before race day. You have worked too hard to injure yourself while on vacation.
  • Could I win the Marathon?
    Of course you could. However, most likely you’ll get a fancy t-shirt, a finisher’s medal, bragging rights and a lot of cheers from spectators and coaches. And, that is definitely considered winning!
  • What if I want to find out more?
    Contact us with any questions you have!
  • Does WCRR accept walkers and people that run/walk the training and races?
    We sure do. All WCRR members are important to us. We don’t care how you get to the finish line, running, walking or both; we just want to help you reach the finish line. We have talented, experienced coaches to train every level and every pace member.
  • What is the WCRR policy on refunds?
    The WCRR refund policy is as follows; any member not satisfied with the WCRR Training Program for any reason or finds that he or she cannot make the training work for them, may be refunded their entry fee (minus small processing fee) within a 30 calendar day period, with only one exception: If you are training for an ‘earlier marathon’ than the rest of the group and/or have already received a specially developed training program for your particular race (either by email or hard copy) or have already received your WCRR t-shirt, we will be unable to make a refund. We know we are good, but we also know things happen and you may have a change of heart about training. We only ask that you try and stick with the program and allow us to do what we do best, prepare you for a full or half marathon AND Achieve your Goals. Sorry, we do not allow ‘carry over’s’ to another season.
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