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Welcome to WCRR!

Welcome to WCRR! 

We are excited and looking forward to our training season with you in our club!

Read on to become familiar with how our training works.


Where & When to Meet

Check the Information/Locations Member's Page that is updated weekly on Sunday


  • We offer 3 main training location areas. 

  • Details & maps of locations are listed here each week.

  • About once every 4-5 weeks we have an All Groups Meet (AGM), so you get a chance to meet members and coaches from all 3 locations.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so you don’t miss anything or get left behind on the run/walk

  • Our start times change weekly depending on your pace group & distance, so check Information/Locations regularly

  • 9 AM is generally when our run will end, and most weeks we offer a ~20 minute seminar after the run


  • The Member's pages are password-protected

  • Contact us if you haven't received the password via email

Where & When to Meet Welcome

What to Expect

On our weekly Saturday Morning Group Run/Walk

When you arrive

  • Mingle & meet people

  • Use the restroom

  • Ask questions

5-10 min before we start

  • Take off your warm-up clothes

  • Grab your hydration system

  • Coaches will separate you into your Pace Groups

  • Coaches will review the route with you

  • Groups will do dynamic warm up exercises

  • Ask your coaches any questions

When run / walk is done

  • Coaches will lead you in post-run stretching

  • Ask questions

  • Grab your dry clothes & snack/hydration

  • Enjoy the post-run seminar (~20 min)

  • Have fun with teammates for coffee or breakfast

What to Expect Welcome

What to Wear & Bring

  • Dress warmly if necessary

    • Coaches will give you time to "dress-down" before the run / walk begins

  • Bring a hydration system to take with you on the run (e.g., water belt or hand-held water bottle)

    • We cannot guarantee the availability of water on all our routes​

    • On our longer run/walks of 13+ miles we will have Aid Stations with water and electrolyte replacement drinks

  • Bring warm dry clothes for after the run

  • Bring a towel or mat to sit on for the seminar

  • Bring snacks & hydration to consume after the run

What to Wear Welcome

Additional Key Info

What's your "Home" Location?

Your ‘Home’ location is the place you are most likely to train the most.  It will be in one of these 3 general areas, but you are welcome to attend training at any location and move around week to week:

  1. Mission Bay area

  2. North County Coastal-Encinitas / Carlsbad area

  3. North County Inland-Escondido / Rancho Bernardo area

Pace Groups

  • You will train with a coach-led Pace Group group on Saturday mornings for “long" run/walks

  • If you find that your pace group is too fast or too slow, you can switch to another group at any time 

  • Our ‘Run/Walk’ members typically train with the Vegas Pace Group (or LA Pace)

Track Sessions / Interval Training

  • Track sessions begin in ~week 8 of training 

  • Tuesday evenings at 3 locations (see Information & Locations page)

  • Other weekday run/walks  are on the Team Events & Runs Page 


  • We are happy to have great partnerships supporting our team.

  • Please check our Sponsors Page for great deals & discounts!

Inclement Weather

  • For rarely occurring inclement weather, instructions will be posted on the Information & Locations page by Friday afternoon

  • We do train if it's raining, but not if lightning is present


  • We recommend that you carry some form of identification on your body at all times

Additional Key Info Welcome
WCRR Newsletter
  • On Thursdays, you will receive an email Newsletter from us with details about the upcoming Saturday training. 

  • If you do not receive this email, contact Coach Dan ( so he can update your email address. 

WCRR Newsletter Welcome
Training Schedules
  • Weekly schedules are on the Members’ password-protected Schedules Page

  • Sunday-Friday training schedules are shown in number of minutes you will run or walk.

  • Saturday schedules are shown in miles. 

  • Your body remembers time needed for exertion and not miles run or walked.

  • Miles listed on the weekend are for you to see your progress.

  • See further explanation of schedules here

Training Schedules Welcome
WCRR Team Shirts
  • Shirts will be ordered after week 2 when we have most sizes and quantity. 

  • You can expect to get your shirt ~ week 5 of training, after they are screened.

Team Shirts Welcome
  • Even if you are new to group training, please don't worry or be nervous.

  • We are here to answer all of your questions so you feel completely comfortable.

  • In addition to our Coaching staff, we also have many friendly return members that have been training with us for years, who are a great resource too.

  • Contact Us at any time

  • Read answers to other FAQs here.

Questions Welcome
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