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Program Description

A San Diego-Based Running & Walking Club

Marathoners and half marathoners aren’t just born - they’re trained, molded and tested. Since 2002, West Coast Road Runners has been honing the raw talent of novice and experienced runners to maturity with quality coaching, amazing workouts and a true love of the sport. "Going long" and "getting strong" - those are the hallmarks of West Coast Road Runners club members.

Go Long! Get Strong!

West Coast Road Runners (WCRR) is a San Diego running club designed to help you successfully train for half marathons and full marathons.


Our 20+ WCRR program coaches and assistant coaches are devoted to getting you in great shape. We’ll help get you to a new level of running or walking fitness in a casual, novice-friendly, educational, fun environment with 100s of happy club members.

Saturday club run / walks

Saturday group


Our club has 3 different locations in San Diego

3 Training


West Coast Road Runners club members get a free technical running shirt

Free Technical


All paces welcome in our club from runners to walkers

All paces welcome - beginner to advanced

Join our club members at fun track workouts to improve your running speed



You'll gain helpful knowledge about running-related topics at our post-run seminars



Six pace groups in our club from runners to walkers

6 Pace


Coaches for our running club have over 100 years experience training athletes

100+ Years Marathon Coaching Experience

Our running coaches have completed certification with our running club



Our club provides weekly training schedules to help you get to your marathon goal

Weekly Training


As a club member, you'll get discounts to marathons, half marathons, and other races



Running club members can get nutritional programs to help their running performance too.

Nutritional Programs


What's Included in the Program?
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