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Dan Guillory

Owner & Head Coach

Coach Dan Guillory is the founder and owner of West Coast Road Runners. He is an amazing Head Coach, who trains and mentors our athletes, offering professional and quality guidance throughout the season to help members achieve their goals.

Ron Mahoney

Pace Coach

Helping others reach their fitness goals puts a smile on Coach Ron Mahoney’s face. He believes we all have a lot more potential than we realize and he helps unleash it. His positive attitude helps every WCRR member “Saddle-Up” for long fun group runs!

John McGuinness

Pace Coach

After getting such great support from WCRR Coaches himself, Coach John McGuinness wants to pay-it-forward by enthusiastically helping other members meet their training goals. One of his favorite routes to run is along Carlsbad’s Coast Hwy from Magee Park.

Chuck Ellison

Assistant Coach

The reason Coach Chuck Ellison coaches is to help others achieve their goals. He's been a part of our WCRR Team since its inception and loves seeing it grow.

Joey Bryan

Assistant Coach

Coach Joey Bryan loves to motivate and share in others’ athletic accomplishments. He is inspired by helping runners learn what they are capable of and breaking past what they thought feasible. His favorite routes are on the trails!

Mike Hartogs

Assistant Coach

A firm believer in the power of rewarding yourself for achieving goals you've set, Coach Mike Hartogs encorages members to not only reach their running goals but enjoy their beer rewards too.

Peggy Guillory

Assistant Coach

Coach Peggy Guillory loves being active, especially in this beautiful city we are so blessed to live in. When she's not walking with our team or swimming, you’ll find Peggy shopping or hanging out with her grandkids.

Liz Lichtenberger

Head Coach

Overseeing our WCRR Carlsbad team is Coach Liz Lichtenberger's passion. She brings her training as a psychologist to her duties as Head Coach, making sure that her athletes are both psychologically and physically prepared for their race goals.

Jessica Thibault

Pace Coach

Coach Jessica Thibault has been a valued member of WCRR family since 2012. As a Pace Group Coach, Coach Jessica Thibault works closely with our team members to make sure that they get past self-doubts to perform to the best of their ability.

Akemi Wellington-Oguri

Assistant Coach

Coach Akemi Wellington-Oguri coaches because it is awesome! Since 2017, she has been loving starting her weekends with WCRR’s Catalina Crew Pace group. She’s been running since she was a kid, and now she loves any run with friends.

Denise Mikkonen

Assistant Coach

Because the WCRR Team encouraged, nudged and supported her to reach her goals, Denise Mikkonen was inspired to coach. Coach Denise loves running side by side with team members while sharing hopes and dreams, and listening and laughing together on morning runs.

Judy Wade

Assistant Coach

Easily recognizable from her colorful compression socks, Coach Judy Wade has been a proud team member since 2007. She loves coaching other runners to help them achieve their goals.

Mike Serrin

Assistant Coach

You’ll find Coach Mike Serrin checking out the surf whenever he’s running along the coast (in case it is surfable after running). He loves helping both new and experienced runners get better race results and to keep in great shape.

Sandra Villalobos

Assistant Coach

The trails in Escondido are Coach Sandra Villalobos' favorate place to run. Always with her chapstick in hand, Coach Sandra can be found smiling as she helps WCRR members achieve their goals.

Tim Zacharyasz

Head Coach

As Head Coach for the Rancho Bernardo location, Coach Tim Zacharyasz loves sharing his favorite trail runs in SD. There is no greater satisfaction for Coach Tim than helping his runners achieve their goals.

Burton Ober

Pace Coach

Coach Burton Ober coaches because he wants to encourage others to enjoy running and be successful at it. His favorite place to run is Torrey Pines State park.

Anne Kendall

Assistant Coach

Coaching with WCRR since 2006, Coach Anne Kendall is energized by fellow West Coast Road Runners achieving their goals. Her favorite San Diego race is the Rock N Roll Marathon!

Emily Krudner

Assistant Coach

This is Emily Krudner's second season as a coach for the Marine Corps pace group. She chooses to coach because she loves to share her passion for running and enjoys motivating others. Her favorite places to run are in Julian and at Mission Bay.

Kristi Krenta

Assistant Coach

Coach Kristi Krenta has been running with the Chi/NY group since 2017. She is driven to assist those who are challenging themselves outside their comfort zone, running side-by-side to complete a tough speed session or progressive run. With a background in psychology, breaking down mental blocks to run to one's potential is one of her interests and goals.

Pamela Olson

Assistant Coach

Coach Pamela Olson enjoys guiding runners through accomplishing their running goals. With each milestone reached, she finds joy watching WCRRs achieve success. When she’s not out running in the ocean breeze, you’ll find her taking care of her German Shepard “boyz!”

Sharon Rhodes

Assistant Coach

Coach Sharon Rhodes enjoys helping runners meet their goals. In addition to being a WCRR Coach since the early 2000s, she is passionate about hiking internationally and cross country skiing in the back country.





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