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WCRR Palomar Mountain Run

Optional Preparation for the Big Bear Marathon with an 18-21 Mile or 12 Mile Training Run with Coach Mike


Where & When is the Event

RSVP via Email to Coach Mike Serrin:


  • Saturday, October 28, 2023


  • 6:30 AM: Meet to drive to Palomar Mountain together 

Meet Location

Where & When is Train Run

Start Locations

  • Half marathoners get dropped off at the Palomar Store for a 11-12  mile run

  • Full marathoners get dropped off at Palomar Observatory for 18 or 21 mile run

Train Tickets

What to Wear & Bring

Wear Race Day Outfit

  • Try to do and wear everything that you intend to do for the big day.  Try out the "uniform" you plan to wear on race day.

  • Bring gloves, sunscreen, hat or sunglasses, throwaway t-shirt if desired.

  • Average temps are 40 in the morning to 65 high.


Hydration & Nutrition

  • Bring water/gels, for 10 miles

  • There will be a rolling aid station at mile 5 for the halfers and mile 10 and mile 15  for the full group, so fuel accordingly (~200 calories for the 12 milers, & 300-400 calories for the 18-21 milers)


Bring for After Run 

  • Money for breakfast afterward. Henshaw Cafe has great breakfast to refuel and rest so runners will hang until all are finished then head back to Kit Carson parking.

  • For the drive home, bring your slippers/sandals. 

  • A clean shirt always makes you feel better.  

  • Have plenty of water/sports drink for afterward.  

  • A snack, high in carbs and with a little protein is beneficial. 

Wear & Bring


Route - Full 18-21 Mi. Run

  • Full group is East Grade to Henshaw cafe-18 miler or East grade to Campground Ave for a 4 mile out-&-back for the 21 milers, then continue down East grade to Hwy 76 left 1/2 mile to Henshaw Cafe.

Route - Half 12-mi. Run

  • Half group route is East Grade to bottom then left on highway 76 to the Henshaw Cafe, 1/2 mile

Aid Station

  • There will be a rolling aid station at approx. 5 miles for the halfers and     mile 10 and mile 15  for the full group, so fuel accordingly (approx. 200 calories for the 12 milers, 300- 400 calories for the 18-21 milers)


  • Mental Prep: Remember the power of those positive thoughts during this train run. 

  • Mimic Race Day: Take this opportunity to practice everything you want to do during the race.  Wear your race outfit, drink plenty, take Gels or Blocks that you will use.

  • Pacing.  Use the strategy of starting off slow and finishing strong.  Run easy,  slower average pace than race pace; this training run is about time on your feet & enjoying the views.

  • Safety. There may be a few cars, so let them have the road and shift to the side momentarily when they are present.

Details for Train Run
After the Run
  • Try not to sit for 15 minutes and use this time to stretch well and allow for good circulation in your whole body again. 

  • Roll out yourlegs with the stick

  • Eat heartily at Lake Henshaw Cafe.

  • The next day, take an easy short walk and do some more easy stretches

  • Take a pain killer if needed for sore quads, but after a couple of days, the quad soreness will be gone and you will have strengthened the muscles for the Big Bear Marathon!

After Train Run
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