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West Coast Road Runners Club advice for Marathon

Race Day

Information & Advice for your best 13.1 or 26.2 ever!


Where to Cheer!

Come out and cheer on our WCRR Racers on Race Day


  • Sunday, October 24, 2021


  • Race Starts at 6:45 AM

  • Times listed below are only estimates

Mile 8
Mile 13.1
Mile 21
Mile 26.2
7:49 AM
8:29 AM
9:33 AM
10:14 AM
7:57 AM
8:42 AM
9:54 AM
10:40 AM
8:05 AM
8:56 AM
10:15 AM
11:07 AM
8:21 AM
9:22 AM
10:57 AM
11:59 AM
8:37 AM
9:48 AM
11:39 AM
12:51 PM
9:01 AM
10:27 AM
12:42 PM
2:10 PM


  • Marathon Cheer Station: Mile 21 in Fashion Valley on Friars Rd behind P.F. Changs.

    • Directions: I-8 to Hotel Circle North into Camino de la Reina heading East. L on Avenida del Rio, veer right and turn into mall shopping center and drive past Bloomingdales, park closest to Friars Rd near PF Changs.

  • Half/Full Marathon Cheer Station:   Mile 2.5 & Mile 8.25: Caffè Calabria, 3933 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104 (Near University & 30th Ave).

    • Directions: Take I-805 to University.  OR from the south go through Golden Hilll and filter north along 30th or 32nd. 

  • Road Closure Information Link

  • 4 AM COASTER Train on Oct 24 (click for info)

    • Map link from Santa Fe Train Station to where Uber/Lift can drop you off near the START at 6th Ave & Juniper Rd

Where to Cheer

Race Route


  • Leave EARLY for the race because traffic will likely be bad!

  • Getting there early will help you remain calm before the race.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to START line (& port-a-potty lines)

  • Meet Teammates adjacent to Corral 4 where the crowds are lighter.

Race Route

What to Wear


  • Don’t wear new clothes on race day; wear your WCRR shirt & uniform you’ve trained in

  • Pin your bib number on your WCRR shirt the night before

  • Lay your clothes out (including shoes & socks) the night before

  • Put chip on your shoe (if used) the night before

  • Remember your sunglasses, hat & sunscreen

  • GPS Watch - charge ahead of time!

Pack these extras for your Bag

  • Towel, shirt, sweatpants, socks, flip flops (for after race)

  • Food (bagel, banana, bar, etc.) and water

  • Antacid tablets/Imodium, Tylenol, Vaseline/Body Glide, sunscreen

  • Toilet Tissue

  • Safety pins, pen, ID, plastic bag for wet clothes



  • “Lube” up areas prone to chafing

  • Don’t overdress. If you’re warm at the start, you’re probably overdressed.

What to Wear

Key Prep Details

Food & Hydration

  • Don’t try anything new the night before (e.g., Thai food, extra garlic)

  • Hydrate well for several days leading up to the marathon (check the color of your “output”)

  • Follow what you’ve been doing on your training runs. The marathon is not the time to experiment with anything new.

  • If you’ve been using gel in your training, go ahead and use it in the race, Otherwise don’t use it now!

  • Stay hydrated with H20 & electrolytes. It’s a good idea to drink fluid at every aid station to stay well hydrated.

  • Friends/family planted on course with stuff for you (nothing new please & thank you).

Pace & Mental Prep

  • Don’t start out too fast; you’ll regret it later if you do. Run the first couple miles ~15 seconds slower than your marathon pace,

  • Then settle into your marathon pace and try to pick up the pace in the final miles when you know you can finish.

  • Run your own race. Cut the string to training friends.

  • Be prepared to modify your race plan if it is too hot out (ok to walk too)


Mental Tips

  • Relax (shoulders, arms, butt kicks)

  • Remember your Mantra. e.g., “I can do this” “Go-Joe-Go” “5K finish pace”

  • Visualize

  • Breathe

Post Race Info

  • The pain goes away once you cross the finish line!

  • Stay on your feet walking around for about 15 minutes to create good blood circulation.

  • Get something to drink, and try and pick up something to eat right after you finish. Replenishing your body quickly will keep you from experiencing problems later in the day.

  • Within an hour or so of finishing, try and eat a nutritious lunch that is high in carbohydrates and protein.

  • If your stomach is ‘less than great’ after the race, warm foods (like soup) will help tremendously.

  • Don’t forget to stretch & use the Stick every 2 hours after the race throughout the day so your legs recover FAST and you aren’t walking around like a Zombie! Where else?

Results & Photos
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