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West Coast Road Runners Club Train Run

WCRR Train Run

16-20 Miles of Training Fun for our full Marathoners!

9-11 Miles of Training Fun for our Half Marathoners!


Where & When is the Event


  • Saturday, April 20, 2024


  • 6:20 AM: FULL Marathoners OR members running a PARTIAL DISTANCE of the Train Run: arrive at Solana Beach Train Station. *Arrive early as train won't wait!

    • 6:40 AM Amtrak Departs the Solana Beach Station for Oceanside​

    • 6:55 AM Amtrak Arrives in Oceanside

    • 7:05 AM Marathoners start running

  • 7:30 AM: HALF Marathoners start at Moonlight Beach 


Where & When is Train Run

Train Tickets

  • Download the free Amtrak App to purchase tickets (it is a contact-free digital option) at

  • Tickets are $11 per person 

Train Tickets

What to Wear & Bring

Wear Race Day Outfit

  • Try to do and wear everything that you intend to do for the big day.  Try out the "uniform" you plan to wear on race day.  


Warm-Up Clothes

  • Wear warm clothes if you need to on the train.  

  • A coach will be at the Oceanside station to pick them up and deliver them back to the Solana Beach station.  

  • Bring a plastic grocery bag with your name written on it to put your belongings in please.


Bring for After Run 

  • For the drive home, bring your slippers/sandals. 

  • A clean shirt always makes you feel better.  

  • Have plenty of water/sports drink for afterward.  

  • A snack, high in carbs and with a little protein is beneficial. 

Wear & Bring


Route - Full Train Run

  • Coaches will guide our Full Marathoners on this run. 

  • Basically, we are running 16-20 miles south from Oceanside back to Solana Beach (with 2-4 miles further south past the train station to complete their distance).

  • The route is along Coast Hwy as much as possible.

  • If you do get lost, just get back on the road closest to the ocean and head south. 

  • The train station will be on East side of the highway with trains and your car!   

Route - Half

  • Coaches will guide our Half Marathoners you on this run. 

  • We are running the mileage north out-n-back from Moonlight Beach into Carlsbad.

  • We will have one aid station along the coast Hwy and one at the Moonlight Beach finish for Half Marathoners

  • Half Marathoners should cross paths with the full marathoners along the route, so you can cheer each other on!

Route - Partial Train Run


  • If you choose the "Partial Train Run," you will ride the Amtrak from Solana Beach to Oceanside, but only run part of the distance back south.

  • Running to Aid Station #2 = 8 miles, to Aid Station #3 = 12 miles, & all the way back to Solana Train Station = 16 miles.

  • NOTE: Members that choose this option will need to coordinate carpools with their friends to get back to their cars if they take the train to Oceanside.

  • e.g., If you and a friend want to run to Aid Station #2 (8 miles), you can meet at the aid station early, drop off 1 car, drive to Solana Beach and catch the train to Oceanside. Then run to your car at Aid Station #2 (8 miles) and stop. From there you will get in the car you left there and drive to the Solana Beach train depot where the other car is.

Aid Stations

  • Aid Stations will have Gels, electrolyte drink mix, and water:

  • #1: Tamarack Ave & Hwy 101 (Mile 4)
    #2: Avenida Encinas & Hwy 101 (Mile 8.3)
    #3: Moonlight Beach Parking Lot (Mile 11.85)
    #4 & Finish: Solana Beach Amtrak Station Lot - North End (Mile 16-20)

  • Please bring your own hydration bottles to fill


  • Mental Prep: Remember the power of those positive thoughts during this train run. 

  • Mimic Race Day: Take this opportunity to practice everything you want to do during the race.  Wear your race outfit, drink plenty, take Gels or Blocks that you will use.

  • Pacing.  Use the strategy of starting off slow and finishing strong that we love to remind you about.  Coaches will help guide the pace.

Details for Train Run
After the Run
  • Try not to sit for 15 minutes and use this time to stretch well and allow for good circulation in your whole body again. 

  • Do not take a hot shower right away.  Your muscles etc. are inflamed.  

  • Take a cool or even a cold bath/shower or soak your legs in cold water.  

  • The train station is by Fletcher Cove, so AFTER you get your clothes bag you can just walk down to the beach and walk in the cold water to your hips.  

  • The sooner after your run you do this, the better.  

  • Screaming will be allowed for the first 5 minutes for those brave enough to do this cold water wading! :)

After Train Run
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